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Spammers are delinquents

I use Gmail, or as it is known to people in the UK, Googlemail.

I use my address to roam constantly all over the Internet and have had the address for as long as Google have offered email through Gmail. I have six other email addresses, one of them has been in operation for about twenty years. They are all fed into Google.

Why do I do this? Simple, because Google has the most useful anti-spamming software around and although I get in the region of a hundred spams a day, Google traps most of them and I doubt if I get more than one spam a month in my IN Box.

The reason spammers are stupid is that they do not weed out all the Gmail addresses from their lists of addresses. Whenever they send spam to someone with Gmail, the recipient never sees it, but it does give Google extra chances to hone their software to perfection. Surely Spammers must fear Google eventually releasing their anti-spamming software to ISPs all over the world?

If they do, the fact that it is almost 100% accurate will mean the end of spammers everywhere.

Stupid bastards!


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