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I wanna tell you a story

Anyone here remember Max Bygraves? Well, I do want to tell you a story but, before I do, I need to explain “Chatham House rules” as this will crop up if you take the second link offered. The Chatham House rules keeps part or all of a meeting off the record “to aid free-thinking”. However, it also allows decisions to be made in secret with no recourse to the people making the decision or the actual decision itself. It is all very secretive. Wikipedia can explain it in depth if you need to know more.

There is an insidious secretive neo-communist organisation called Common Purpose in Britain run by Fabians who look for a world dominating government controlled by a few, enslaving the many. I have heard of this several times over the last few years but matters seem to be coming to a head and I feel it a duty to bring people’s attention to it.

Personally I don’t care a jot about this as I have no children and am sixty-nine years of age. Once I have gone, I have no interest in what happens to the world. However, if you are younger, or have children or grand-children, then I guess you might. This is why I am even bothering to bring this to a wider audience.

Common Purpose is registered as an educational charity and therefore is run by your (taxpayers) money. It trains leaders, in the police, army, civil service and corporate business amongst others. At the leadership courses these “leaders” are indoctrinated to spread the word and make sure they, in turn, indoctrinate others. If you take time out to mull over how the Police have changed over the last decade you will begin to get a picture of the strength of Common Purpose.

If you really are concerned for those who will be left behind – and you should be, the present generations have already fucked up their lives financially, take a trip over to this website and learn for yourself the future that not only is planned for you but is well in the way to reaching fruition!


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