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So you’re the boss?

A question for you, and to the staff in your company: Who pays your wages?

If you say “The directors” give yourself a minus 50 mark. Your directors do not pay your wages. It is your customer who pays your wages. No matter how nice your shareholders are, if there are no customers, your wages will not be paid. Please believe me here!

What do customers really, really want? They want to deal with someone who is going to be honest with them. They want to deal with someone who will give them attentive service up to the sale, and then reliable support after the sale. They want to pay a reasonable price which will enable you to make a reasonable profit.

When your customer phones up, they detest talking to a computer and hate being placed on hold. If this is the only way you can run your support facility they at least want some facts so they can make a decision, such as:.

How many people are in front of them in the queue and what is the estimated waiting time, this will give them a chance to assess whether they would rather ring off and ring back later. This system is available!

They also want to be able to press a button to go into voice mail to leave their number for a phone-back call – yes, this can be programmed in and a few companies have all these facilities. I have personally experienced them. And I was delighted.

But what a customer really, really wants is for the telephone to be answered on the second or third ring and to have a human on the other end.

And for department stores, more assistants to answer shoppers’ questions and to guide them towards what they are looking for. For banks to have more tellers available to serve customers. You get the picture? A store or bank who advertise they have dispensed with the “new ‘traditional’ lack of available staff” will see their share price double almost monthly.

A customer can do without the message “Please hold, your call is important to us”. If it was so important why feed us poor automatic systems? And such poor service?

This is all your customer really, really wants.

But do you really, really care about their wants or their business?


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