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A open letter to Jack Straw

I have just read an “open letter to Jack Straw” on a blog at this website.

Well written and well worth the read. Within the letter he lists some of the broader evil machinations of the present government and I list them below.

  • ID Cards;
  • Ever-increasing DNA and Biometric databases;
  • Detailed and centralised database structures;
  • ‘Communications endpoint monitoring’, to use your charming little phrase;
  • 42-days detention;
  • Removal of the right to legitimate protest in the vicinity of Parliament;
  • One CCTV Camera per 15 Citizens, plus police ANPR systems and police drone aircraft;
  • The arrest of a member of Her Majesty’s Opposition, simply for holding the Regime to account;
  • ‘Stop and search’ rules that have seen hundreds of thousands stopped, for no result;
  • ‘Anti-Terror’ legislation used to freeze Icelandic funds, to monitor bin collections and covertly monitor school applicants;
  • Section 76 of the CounterTerrorism Act, making it illegal to photograph a police officer;
  • Every email sent and received in this country to be retained.

I want you all to forget that this is the present British Government, and read through this list again. Imagine what you would be saying if you just read, for the first time, that this was being carried out by Robert Magabe in Zimbabwe. You’d be incensed, right?


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