Producing good photographs from your digital camera

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to spend £190 on Adobe’s Lightroom or even more on Photoshop if all you want to do is to show off your photograph in a better light.

Neither do you have to have a great technical knowledge. In fact you don’t have to be technical at all. Go into Google and type in: Picasa. Then download the Windows version of the program. If you use Linux, Google for Picasa Linux. Or a Mac, Google for Picasa Mac.

I show below a photograph that my wife took of me.

The secret is not to spend time working on all your photographs as long as they stay on your computer. No, you only bother to work on them when you want to use them elsewhere. That way you don’t spend time on photographs you may never use.

Once I downloaded the above photograph to Picasa, I could have cropped it, but it didn’t need cropping. So I lightened the overall picture ever so slightly, and lightened the highlights, again ever so slightly. Then I applied a little soft-focus. The time taken? A little over a minute. And here is the result:

The secret is not to alter too much. My objective here was to just lighten up the picture so it didn’t look too gloomy

Remember, Google do not charge a penny for Picasa, so this whole exercise, once the photograph was taken, didn’t cost a penny.


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