On the toob

I was traveling on the London Underground the other day on a full train and a woman, about 25 years of age, entered the carriage. She had two metal walking sticks, the type issued by hospitals. I immediately got up and offered my seat but she was adamant in her refusal.

It is a shame really as her churlishness did indicate that she had not been well brought up.

When you are in a situation like that you should smile and accept the offer as it is so very rude not to.

After about three stops the seat next to me became unoccupied and she came and sat down. I had thought at first that she refused because it may have been awkward for her to sit down, but this was obviously not the case.


  1. #1 by subrosa on Saturday, 14 March 2009 - 2:54 pm

    You’re a gentleman ampers, she was not a lady.

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