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Who is Ampers?

One of my heroes, Petrus “Piet” Jacobus Joubert (January 20, 1834 – March 28, 1900), was Commandant-General of the South African Republic from 1880 to 1900. He once wrote:

“I bear no hatred against England; I hate no one; everyone is welcome in our country, whether he be a Frenchman, or German, or American or Englishman, I am always ready to offer him the hand of friendship. But let the entire world come and try to tread on me and try to put its foot on my neck, and try to take away the freedom of my country and my nation then, with a guard of twenty burghers, I shall fight, yes, against the whole world, until I am either free or dead.”

And, really, this last part really sums up what I am really all about; but you need to read the words carefully to understand. But if you don’t quite make the connection, let me put it in my words…

“I hate no human being whatsoever, whatever nationality, creed, colour or religion they are. I am always ready to offer the hand of friendship. But threaten, attack, or try and take away any rights or freedoms, of either myself, my family or my country, and I will do all within my power to thwart you and if I fail, I will never forget or forgive what you have done to me and mine.”

I had written this a few years ago and am now a little concerned that it may not be the exact truth. Suffice to say that if you accept that politicians are not human, then it can still stand.




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