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Further thoughts on “The Jury Team”

Since my blog last Monday I have had further thoughts on The Jury Team. Readers may remember I attended the launch of a new political party that exists only to give support for independent candidates who want to stand for parliament, the European Parliament or local council elections.

First of all, I shall talk only about the two parties who have a chance of election. I am referring, of course, to the Conservatives and the Socialists.

Let’s face it, Labour isn’t working, and the Tories have little else to offer us. Parliament continues to be a yah-boo house and the only serious debates we get on the political scene are in the House of Lords.

Why is that? Possibly because there are more cross bench members of the Lords. Participants in the debates are not under the “party whip” system so they can use their own knowledge and experience to put forward their views, rather than to have to toe the “party line”, therefore we get a detailed and sensible discussion.

Who is responsible for this mess? It would be incorrect to say the FSA as the buck must stop with the Prime Minister. However, it would also be incorrect to blame, directly, all the Labour MPs, although they could be blamed indirectly. Why is this? They can be blamed indirectly because, like the Tories, they ignore their own minds when they vote and toe the “party line”. If they didn’t, they might be expelled from the party, thus putting paid to their lucrative careers. If they were Independent MPs, they could vote in what they personally believed in, and Mr Brown and Mr Cameron might not get the majority they hope for every time.

The ideas of Sir Paul Judge, who has seen all this at first hand as Director-General of the Conservative Party, of setting up an organisation to assist honest and trustworthy people to stand as independents and, who can vote according to their conscience, has to be a good thing for British politics. Bringing the “whip system” to an end would be an added bonus. I believe this is Sir Paul’s objective but it may take decades to achieve. However, I cannot think of a better way of improving our political system whilst at the same time getting more people interested in the merry-go-round again.

The Press and TV have only given The Jury Team the sort of coverage that even Veritas got during their launch week. However, whilst not belittling Sir Paul Judge in any way (he who is twice the man that K-S is) Veritas did have Kilroy-Silk on side who was a top hand at getting press coverage. I have a feeling that now the press and television coverage will slowly disappear as bothsides have vested interests. Most of the press in the Tory Party and most of television in the Labour Party.

We were told at the launch that The Jury Team would utilise the Internet and mobile phones. One would have thought they would have put an edited video of the launch on YouTube. I checked last Saturday, five days afterwards, and still no mention when I searched “the jury team”. A missed opportunity and not a comforting thought for those keen on this organisation. They need to get their arses into gear if they want to use the Internet as a weapon. Come on, Sir Paul, what about it?

I would love to get involved behind the scenes in this organisation, but I would rather wait to see if they have the nous to use modern technology correctly. Internet = Immediacy.



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