Browser problems

It pays to investigate and isolate the problem. I was lazy so when my Internet snarled almost to a halt, taking up to 20 seconds to load a single page, I just changed my router. It was over five years old so I reckoned it was worth the cost. But the trouble persisted. I use Linux, and as my wife’s PC is Windows and she didn’t have the same problem, I started looking closer to home! I also changed the phone and Ethernet cables but the problem persisted.

This went on for weeks and I tried everything. I then asked a question on the Net and Tom suggested I tried another browser so I downloaded Opera. The trouble vanished. It turned out to be as simple as that. There must have been some conflict from one of the add-ons I used in Firefox.

So now I had to resolve the problem to find out which add-on was causing the conflict, but also whether it was causing the conflict with Firefox – unlikely, or perhaps a conflict with another add-on – more likely. But then, as I started to use Opera , I thought, why bother, Opera seems superb.

Opera launches much faster. It has the same initial screen as Google Chrome, having nine squares, or slots, for your favourite websites, one click and they load. I have Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, my Blog, Facebook and Youtube to start as these were ones I opened in tabs in Firefox eberytime I fired up. This way Opera fires up much quicker and I get a minimal delay when actually loading the program.

There is a mail program built in but, alas, it offers bad import facilities. No import for csv, ldif or vcards. They suggest the free program “Dawn” or another commercial program to change addressbook file types but these are only for Windows and is of no use to the millions of Linux users.

However, I use Gmail so this is no real problem to me and other users will either use Outlook, Thunderbird or Evolution so I shall just ignore the mail addition.

I much prefer the browser to Firefox as it is simpler, loads faster, and does the job more efficiently. However, there are other problems, such as Google doesn’t support it fully, and if you want Google Gears you have to use Firefox. Whilst on about the bad points, if you use Google calendar you will find it portrays the monthly pages in a weird almost unreadable form.

Opera is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and is very strong on security. If I hadn’t had this problem with Firefox I would never have got around to using Opera. However I may have to start finding out what is causing my problems with Firefox as I am a big user of Google.


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