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Daniel Hannan MEP accosts Gordon Brown PM

Wow! This man deserves a knighthood. Not because he is a Tory and Brown is a Labourite, but just for his sheer bravery for going up against a man who will hold a grudge. Well done that man, even though I despise his party, or any party that wealds the “party whip” system.



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Morons on public transport.

Quite often, travelling on the London Underground, and I suspect on many other forms of public transport, one hears some “person” playing their music on MP3 players. Unfortunately, they use rather cheap ear-pieces which allow part of the music to escape. All we hear is the repetitive beat which gives the user the appearance of being a moron or Neanderthal.

Yes, these people are morons, but not for the reason of the beat others hear. The actual music may be quite tuneful. All we are subjected to is the background beat which, in all types of music, if you could isolate it, would be pretty monotonous.

No, these people are morons because they don’t give a damn about others and aren’t willing, for a small amount of money, to buy a decent ear-piece thus keeping their music to themselves. I think, personally, that the kindest thing to do to these people would be to gently “put them to sleep”. However, this may result in being arrested and spending a few years in prison.

I hear some of you saying that it might be a small price to pay, but I urge you, think of your families and friends.


PS. The other day I witnessed a young businessman get up to offer a much older woman his seat. She replied; “I don’t want no favours from no bleeding toff!” His put-down was perfect and I mentally applauded him. He smiled at her and said “Oh thank you, it’s been a wicked day and I am awfully tired.”

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