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Racism is alive and well.

I met someone recently who would be labelled a racist by many as he was ranting about people coming to this country, swelling the numbers to an extent which is intolerable in this tiny island, taking our jobs and homes, living on social security and suchlike. I am sure you all know what I mean as more and more English people are voicing these concerns.

But you know, we can’t really blame these people. They come to this country to find a better life. They see how easy it is to get a home from the government, money to live by, and after a lifetime of bare existence, who really can blame them for their new life on easy street?

To take it out on someone who is black, or Chinese or Indian or, perhaps a Pole, or Kosovon, is wrong But, help is at hand. Someone is to blame. In the past you have heard me ask the question cui bono or “who benefits”. Over the last ten years I read somewhere that the huge amount of people on social security has risen by around 30%. These people, because they believe what Labour tell them, fear the Conservatives getting in, so will no doubt vote Labour at the next election. So in this case Labour benefits. Who else benefits? I cannot think of anyone else but am open to have you add to the comments if you can think of any other group.

So do we, as the above seems to imply, blame Labour for the situation, rather than the immigrants who think every day is Christmas? (To an African, the benefit payment represents a fortune.) I suppose, up to a point, yes, we can blame Labour. But if you delve a little deeper you may find the real person at fault is just a little closer to home.

We have a two party system in this country. I am not including the Liberal Democrats as they don’t, and I feel may never, play that important a part – come election time. Who did you vote for at the last election? If you didn’t vote you are definitely to blame. If you voted for any party at all, but haven’t got further involved in the political system, then – once more – you are definitely to blame!

Labour isn’t working, and the Conservatives have no satisfactory answer to our problems. Neither do the Liberal Democrats or any of the smaller parties. And life will continue down this road until you decide enough is enough and stand up to be counted.

People get the government they deserve. The people deserve Labour, they deserve everything that is happening to them, and they will continue to deserve all this heartache until they stand up and do something. And, I don’t mean just voting.

And don’t shoot me, I’m only the pianist.



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