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Why I love my PDA

I have been using a Palm PDA for some time now and my latest, the Palm T|X has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so it can be used, with my mobile, to send and receive over the mobile telephone circuit but also direct if the premises I am in have public Wi-Fi.

When I sit down in my favourite coffee bar a few people are working from either heavy mobiles or the latest EEE Netbooks. I just get out my T|X which fits in my palm and quietly download and reply to my emails.

I hate carrying briefcases and like everything either on my belt in a holster or in a pocket. At least this way, if something goes wrong, everything doesn’t have to go back. And if a battery runs down, only one item is lost for the rest of the day.

Items I carry include a phone, a PDA, a camera and a SatNav. And no item is dependent on the other for battery power. And I don’t carry a bag or a briefcase.

When the Apple iPod came out I looked at it and found it wanting. I chose, instead the Creative Zen which allowed me to have photographs, videos, built in FM Radio, a recording ability which would record clearly, a meeting of six people whilst it remained in my inside pocket. With 32GB of memory – and at the same time will allow me to empty my Compact Flash or SD Card card from my camera. Handy if it gets filled up when shooting.

When the Apple iPhone came out, I looked, but felt sure something better would turn up. And by the looks of it, version 2 of the Android gPhone will be. Apart from being built around all the Google Applications it will have full voice accessing. Now this I like as my eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be. And we shouldn’t forget that Palm are building a new web accessing phone system and its first offering, the Palm PRE comes out this year.

Please don’t get the idea that I am knocking Apple because they are Apple, I am not. I am just following a principle I have always followed. Don’t buy the first item of a new idea as the later player usually sees what can improved and improves it.

So for me, when the gPhone came out, although I thought it would be a great phone to own, I decided to wait for version two and, as things have turned out, I was right. 2010 will be the time I will buy my next phone, whether it is the gPhone, or the Palm PRE. Both as a replacement of both my Palm T|X and my mobile phone.

And, with a little bit of luck, the cost of accessing the Internet on mobiles may have reduced by then. Oh! Look at that nice little piggy up there…



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