Do you know much about Israel?

as a non-Jew I decided that it was time that I should educate myself. But how? What I needed was a book which was as impartial as it was possible to get.

I came across a book called “Why blame Israel?” but the title didn’t seem very impartial. But after looking it up and reading many comments about it, I thought that it may well be what I was looking for. A quick check told me it was written by a British non-Jewish academic called ”Neil Lochery”. As the current lecturer in Modern Israeli Politics and Director of the Centre for Israeli Studies at University College, London, I thought he should know quite a lot about the subject.

I checked the book’s bibliography and saw he had referenced over 240 books and periodicals for his research and several Jewish friends have said he leaned too much towards the Palestinians, whilst Arab friends said it was all in Israel’s favour. Well, if that was their respective attitudes, it told me that the author must have trod a careful path down the middle!

I acquired the book and took my time over it and at the end have conceded that he has told the story pretty much as it is, and that the whole area is in a God-Awful mess.

I can recommend the book and the ISBN number is: 1 84046 530 1

It covers Israel from the time the Jews settled there, long before the British formed the country of Israel up to the beginning of the twenty-first century. At the end of it one tends to shake one’s head and wonder. Too many outside forces interfere. On both sides. Proportional representation in Israel allow too much power to relatively few religious freaks who are the major war-mongers on the one hand, and too much interference from Hezbolah (Syriah) and Hamas (Iran) on the other hand.

I do recommend reading it though, and it can be borrowed from your local library.


  1. #1 by The Machinist's Wife on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 - 2:38 pm

    This has always interested me. If you can, Ampers, get hold of an old map and see how the country’s have had name changes. Eg – “Asia” on the Biblical maps was USSR. The first five books in the Bible pretty much give invaluable history on Israel. I’ll have to go and buy this book now!RegardsHelen

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