Give Gordon Brown a bloody nose

I am utterly disgusted with the Government’s treatment of the Ghurkas. Like my beloved Zulus, the Ghurkas are, on the one hand, gentle, loveable people, and on the other hand, the fiercest warriors of their region.

They want so much to “serve” that when I was in the Army, they would offer to pay to do our guard duty commitment, just on the off-chance they could apprehend a villain. Woe betide any officer who failed to “advance and be recognised”. In fact the Commanding Officer told us we can swap guard duties with them but we would be in “hot water” if we took money off them for doing so!

If you are a rapist or cold blooded killer, or an expert at swindling the benefits service you are welcomed with open arms. But if you have served our country gallantly and might possibly vote Conservative, you are not welcome.

Let’s give the Government a bloody nose at the next elections. They are the EU elections and it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things who gets in. It is the Commissioners who make their laws, the MEPs just rubber-stamp them.

However, the EU is important to Labour. Winning a majority does matter to these traitors to every semblance of common decency – I refer to their present MPs, not the actual party.

Go and vote, but give your vote to any party other than Labour. If you are, yourself, a died-in-the-wool Labour supporter, still vote for someone else. You can always vote for your party in the “real” elections next year. After all that is the election that matters.

Although I can’t vote Conservative, I swore I would never vote for them again until everyone who voted us into Europe in the mid-seventies are dead and buried, I have an acquaintance who is on the Conservative list who is an out-and-out Libertarian so, in a way, I hope he gets voted in. He is young and we need more Libertarians in Government as they believe in far less interference from the authorities in our lives. I shall vote for the “Jury Team” if there is a candidate in my area as this is the only party who do not believe in the dishonourable “party whip system”. Failing that, any other independent, failing that I shall decide on the day.

And, if you think we can’t have lots of Independents running amok, look at the following council which is extremely successful. Mansfield has thirteen Labour, four LibDems and one Conservative councillors, but 28 Independents!

I think it is important to realise which elections are really important to the way we live our lives. At the bottom of the list are the EU elections as, for reasons already given, it is not the MPs who make the decisions.

Middle of the list are our National Elections. We are in a two party system and, since WW2 we can see that whichever side gets in, very little difference is found. The governing of our lives has slowly ground on to be more and more authoritarian every four years.

The really important decisions, quite frankly, are the local council elections. Getting the right team in will make a difference in our lives. More important than “how they spend our money” is, of course, “how they waste our money”. If we pay £120 a month for our Council Tax and we get value for money in the form of £100 of actual services we are less likely to be as upset as if we paid £120 a month and received services valued at £50. My own Barnet Council, has really shaken themselves up since the last election and I am less likely to complain as much about my tax. Of course I still complain – don’t be daft!

So my message here is quite simple, let’s give Gordon Brown a bloody nose for the EU elections. It will give him the fright of his life and might actually change his ideas. But then “pigs may fly”.


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