Labour and the upper classes.

I would consistently vote Labour if I were a multi-millionaire and a member of the upper classes, even though they are increasing taxes for such people.

You may well wonder at this, so I shall tell you how I would think in that position.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at education. If I had children at Eton or Harrow, or even one of the minor “public schools” I would rejoice at the ruination of the governmental school system.

They are turning out hordes of uneducated children. The sort I would need to populate my factories. The criminals would only serve to keep the working classes and most of the middle classes in check by causing them to fear for their lives. My mansion would be in an area well away from these people, and my staff would keep any riff-raff away.

But my children, as they leave school, and then Oxford, would be assured of entering the lower rungs of the ladder that stretches to the boardroom. The higher up the ladder they travel, the less “ordinary people” they will have to rub shoulders with

The people who really succeed in life are the ones who are more healthy. I wouldn’t mind or regret my private health payments because I know my wealth would ensure my family would be well looked after in this area. The government are wasting billions because of their fear of reforming the health service where the manager is king!

The least wealthy are more frightened of hospitals because of the lack of ability of running their business whilst sick or the fear of contacting MRSA and other deadly diseases.

My private BUPA hospital will allow me full phone and fax access, a small desk for my computer, and my secretary would be able to visit at any time. And, I would be in and out much more quickly.

Yes, Labour is kind to the rich and famous. They would have my vote.


PS Excuse any errors, my proof reader is asleep in bed and I dare not wake her!

  1. #1 by subrosa on Sunday, 26 April 2009 - 7:48 am

    Ampers, I had a similar conversation just last week with someone. They said they didn’t believe me but I put forward the education argument and she then had no opposition. What a total mess it all is and I don’t see much oomph from the tories. Perhaps DC will waken shortly.

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