Swine Flu

The following article has been written by an Afrikaans friend of mine, Marie-Louise Oosthuysen de Gutierrez, who lives with her family on the outskirts of Mexico City.

She has researched her material well, and reading the entire article will possibly save your life. Over to you, Marilou…

Influenza Outbreak with Pandemic Implications, subtitled: How to Stay Healthy during an Influenza Outbreak. A summary of the 2009 influenza outbreak in Mexico City and notes on which vitamins, mineral, herbs, and spices are best and worst when faced with an influenza virus to which we have no resistance.

Mexico is frightened, and angry … Mexico City with its 20 million inhabitants, appears to be ground zero for potentially the next influenza pandemic! This new influenza (also called swine flu) is a genetic mix of pig, bird, and human viruses, and this hybrid has epidemiologists deeply concerned (I’d say!!). The anger is based in the fact that the government viewed the growing flu caseload as normal, at a time of year when flu outbreaks should be decreasing, not increasing. President Felipe Calderon said that the Ministry of Health only discovered the nature of the virus late Thursday (23 April 2009). The World Health Organization (WHO) are set to meet today (Saturday, 25 April 2009) to consider whether an international public health emergency should be declared, which would include travel advisories, trade restrictions, and border closures. A decision has not yet been made.

According to Mexico’s Secretary of Health, Jose Angel Cordova, 68 people (20 confirmed and 48 in the process of being confirmed) have died and 1004 (1034 in total) more cases have been indentified nationwide, of which 24 new suspected cases were reported on Saturday (25 April) alone. The deaths have occurred in at least four different regions throughout Mexico (in 6-14 of the 32 states), with victims who were NOT vulnerable infants and the elderly, but healthy adults between 20-40, and that is particularly worrisome! At least 20 people have been identified with the same strain of influenza in California and Texas (bordering states to Mexico), and now also Kansas, Ohio, and New York in the USA, but thankfully so far no deaths have been reported. No direct contact has been found between the San Diego and San Antonio cases, which suggest that the virus was spread through undiagnosed individuals. Airports around the world are screening passengers from Mexico for symptoms and are ready to quarantine passengers if necessary. {continues on Knol – link below}

Here is the link to the rest of her article, including which foods and medicines to take and to avoid.


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    Thanks so very much for that. I’ve circulated the information round friends and I’m sure many will pass it further afield.

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