Washing one’s hair.

This article in the Electronic Telegraph states that Prince Harry has not washed his hair for two years. Not entirely right as he has, no doubt, washed it daily in the shower.

However, what he is saying is, he hasn’t used shampoo for two years and that the hair is self-cleansing.

I know about this as I haven’t washed my hair for about the same period. Nobody has noticed this so the claim about self-cleansing must be true! I take issue on the statement that it takes a week to happen. My hair is short but it was two or three weeks before the breakthrough occurred. It was very greasy until then. Those with long hair can expect the initial period to take even longer.

But what this article shows is that you can save money by not buying expensive shampoo.

And take body deodorants as another example. How many of you put this on every day? When I was a teenager I thought this was a con and never used it. Because I never started using it in the first place, I never “ponged”. However, as I reached my forties I did find, in the hot summers, I would need it, but only very occasionally. Now and again I use a very small 50ml dry “smear-on” and one of these lasts me around five years. My wife would be the first to complain if I “pong” and she never needs to!

What I am trying to convey here is that there is a huge market of personal hygiene products which have been foistered on the public, items that really just waste our hard to come by money.

Mind you, having been brought up in South Africa probably does mean I am less likely to perspire in the English Climate than most.

Please note, however, that I am not suggesting you wash less!


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