Why I didn’t leave Facebook

At the moment I am drastically cutting back my involvement in several groups on the Internet. Facebook, is one of them, as I am getting involved with a major newspaper project.

I have removed all my contacts from my account, removed all my my groups so that it is just an empty shell. I then removed all my personal information except my email address and changed the security from closed (entry by invitation only) to open (anyone can come in and see my email address).

There is a simple reason for this. When I was active on Facebook half a dozen people I had lost contact with over the decades found me on Facebook. I thought by keeping it open I might still make contact with others from the past, this is the only reason why the account is kept open; so they can find my email address.

This got me thinking, (and it didn’t hurt – well, not too much). There are a lot of people out there who are worried about social networks being time consuming, or worry about the security. By opening an account, and just having an email address there, you are not giving much away, but you could make contact with friends from long ago.

So why not open an account, make sure you never join anything or add any friends to it, make it open, and just put an email address there. You never know, a long lost friend may turn up. Six of mine did.

I used to be on MySpace, and when I moved to Facebook I kept a shell account there as well. For the same reason!


  1. #1 by subrosa on Saturday, 2 May 2009 - 5:27 pm

    Now that’s an idea Ampers. I seldom use facebook as I didn’t see any real benefits but I shall now take your advice and tidy mine up too.

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