Luxury on the Taxpayer

The following article, part published here with a link to the full article, has been taken from today’s Electronic Telegraph. There is a link at the bottom to take you to the full article.

Keith Vaz: £75,000 for a flat 12 miles from home
Keith Vaz, the senior Labour backbencher, claimed more than £75,500 in expenses for a flat in Westminster despite his family home being a £1.15 million house just 12 miles from parliament.

By Jon Swaine
Last Updated: 3:39AM BST 09 May 2009

His living arrangements will leave him open to the same questions asked of Tony McNulty, the Home Office Minister, who claimed for a house about the same distance away lived in by his parents.

Mr Vaz, the chairman of the home affairs select committee, also switched his designated second home from the £545,000 flat to a house in his Leicester East constituency and back again in the space of a year. Mr Vaz’s main home is a house in Stanmore, north-west London, that he bought with his wife Maria for £1.15 million in November 2005. They live there with their two children. Before then they lived in another house in Stanmore.

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