Thought for the day

I do get rather tired of people bad-mouthing the political parties opposite to theirs: Socialists who sneer at successful Conservatives, and Conservatives who call Socialists scum.

As long as we continue to do this, people in politics will continue to look upon the voters as their enemy. But, please don’t take this as me making any excuses for the current thievery in Parliament

I am as guilty as the rest and I also have to stop. I think Conservatives who soak their customers for every penny they get their hands on are beneath contempt. I also think Socialists who earn huge salaries, have many houses, and refuse to give a large amount each year back to (according to soicalist principles) help others more unfortunate are worse than scum.

Let’s take Polly Toynbee, the very successful Guardian journalist. She also writes books and earns a fortune each year, she has many homes including a beautiful one in Tuscany. As far as I am concerned, good luck to her. She is entitled to every penny she makes. She would only become scum in my eyes if she refused to make large socialist contributions to charity to help her fellow man.


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