A wolf in sheep’s clothing

I have just watched a video introducing me to a new search engine. Not an ordinary search engine as it doesn’t give you links. It gives you the information your are looking for directly. The name is Wolfram Alpla.

This is one of the most exciting Internet projects I have come across.

You can ask it any technical information, it has answers for most disciplines; or ask it how much fish is sold in France; or what was the weather link in Timbuktoo on 11/6/1987 – If you ask the question in Europe, it will take the date as June, or if in America, November. Type in Andrew and you will see how many Andrews are in the world. Type in Andrew England and you will see the answer for England. It will also show you how many babies were named Andrew each year for the last ten years. And a host of other useful information is available.

It comes live at 7pm USA Central time tonight so, if you are in Europe, it will be live when you wake up tomorrow morning. But you can link in now and watch the introductory video. In fact you should watch that even when it is live to get the best out of the search engine.

Not a replacement for Google but very, very exciting.


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