Too old for the Internet.

I often come across people of my age group (65-75) who say they are too old to get involved with computers or the Internet. I find it very difficult to either understand them, or sympathise with them. Just because something is different doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. A recently deceased friend of mine bought his first computer at 79 and although a quiet and decent chap often got “computer rage” which would put the average angry motorist to shame!

I have read, today, of a dear old lady in a nursing home up in Bradford, called Ivy Bean. Her typical day starts with getting up for breakfast, chatting to the other “inmates” for a while, checking up on all who managed to survive the night, and then taking out her shiny laptop and starts surfing the Internet. She used to be heavily involved with Facebook and has 4,800 friends there. But she has got bored with this social networking site and now spends most of her time on Twitter where she has a huge following. Then it is lunch-time and after lunch she goes up to her room for a nap. However, the staff in the care home know only too well to wake her up to watch Noel Edmond’s Deal or No Deal which she watches without fail.

Before you write her off as a boring old fart, you should know she is one of those things, she is old at a hundred and four. But an old fart? Not in my book.


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