The Ghurkas are here – Aayo Gurkhali

Ever since I watched the “New Avengers” I have been madly and secretly in love with Joanna Lumley.

And, she has not disappointed me. First she has proved herself a good actress, then as a successful business woman, then for standing up for one of the three races of this world, all warriors, which I greatly admire, the Gurkhas. Not to mention dispatching Gordon Brown with his tail between his legs! I remember when we had some Gurkhas with us in training, we were forbidden to sell our guard duty for money as the Ghurkas were willing to pay ten shillings to impoverished National Servicemen for the chance of cutting an interloper.

The original word Gorkha came from the prakrit words “go rakkha” which originally loosely translated to “protector of cows”; it came from the name of Guru Gorakhnath, to describe his followers. Their war cry is “Jai Mahakali, Aayo Gurkhali” However, the first part is left out for Western ears and the meaning is “The Ghurkas are here!”

If Joanna stood for Parliament in my constituency there is no way I could refuse to vote for her! She has, I believe, been approached by the “Jury Team” but was adamant that she has no interest in politics. A shame as we need people who have the resolve to see an impossible task through to victory.

I once told a meeting of Labour politicians in Parliament that they should let all the Ghurkas in, and base fifty of them in every town centre in the UK. That would be the best answer to crime and hooliganism in our troubled country. They laughed and our conversation moved on. Do you know, I think they were under the impression I was joking!?


Further reading; Wikipedia and Himilayan Imports.

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