Keep plodding on

I read, today, of a comment by Sir Randolph Fiennes, the explorer who has travelled to the North and South Poles and now, at 65 years old, has climbed to the top of Mount Everest. He says: “Forget about thinking you are going to succeed, you’ve just got to keep plodding on.”

This reminds me of the saying: “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer being one bite at a time! In other words, if you concentrate on the big picture you may easily become overwhelmed. If you have a gigantic task ahead of you, plan your moves, one step at a time.

Changing your job? The first step to concentrate on could be to bring your CV up to date. The second step is to decide where you want to be when you retire, and what type of job would fit in with raising your expectancy for that “want”.

The next step would be how you were going to market yourself. If you are confident and competent during interviews, you would change your CV to hint at areas the interviewer would be interested in so he “wheels you in” to learn more. If you handle yourself badly at interviews, you may want to put everything into your CV.

Then you will need to discover where the sort of company you want to work for advertises for jobs. Take the bull by the horns and phone up their human resources and ask them where they advertise. They may be impressed enough to ask you to come and see them.

If you hate travel, investigate firms near your home, and write to them all. How different this approach is to thinking only that “I have to get a job” Such a mainline thought is totally disempowering.

How am I going to survive in this downturn? Don’t even think about it. Think along the lines of “What steps should I take to conserve resources?” Have a family meeting with the kids included. Ask each one what they could sacrifice if you lose your job. Ask what the family could do to conserve money so we could all save for that eventuality. Mention that the government expect another million or two may lose their jobs within a year. Implement the ideas the family suggest, but guide them towards toughing them up a little.

Suggest all working members bring their CVs up to date, and keep them up to date, just in case. Wonder out loud as to the possibilities of whether the household could run a little business from home whilst working.

In South Africa, the Afrikaners have a well-known saying, “’n Boer moet ‘n plan hê!” – A farmer must have a plan! The more successful people in life know that you should plan for every eventuality. Planning is all! Most top wage earners have written goals. And what is a goal other than a plan?

So are you going to start planning tomorrow? Yes? Well you are too late. You should have started yesterday! But better late than never!


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