Vote X and let Labour in again!

I just had a conversation with a local in my area and I mentioned I would be voting for the Jury Team. WHAT??? He almost yelled! If you do that you will let Labour in. I used to be a member of UKIP and said: “So what? I hate the Conservatives as much as I hate Labour. The Conservatives took us into Europe and Labour kept us in. The Conservatives promised us a referendum recently and broke their promise – and they are guilty of some of the worse “expenses” robberies to boot! “

I am voting for The Jury Team. This is a party building up a ground force to support independent candidates. The objective is to destroy the corrupt and wicked Party Whip system. A system that corrupts young MPs right from the beginning of their political career.

Forget Labour, forget the Conservatives, and forget the Liberal Democrats. If you never vote for the smaller parties you will never destroy the strangle-hold the Two Party System holds over the British public.

I am right of centre but, in a way, I hope Labour get back in. People now are stirred up, and once they give their parties “bloody noses” on June 4th, they will have forgotten everything by next year when there must be a General Election. You can be sure Gordon Brown will hang on as long as possible.

If Labour get back in they will be back with their noses in the trough as soon as you can say “Michael Martin” and you can be sure it will get out into the public arena. Then after a repeat performance, Labour will be destroyed totally. This time round, if the Conservatives get in, there’ll be less troughing but things will steadily get worse, as they did the last time they were in.

Government under all three larger parties are Statist. This means that not only do they want to totally control the economy, but they want to control our lives as well. More regulations spew from its machinery, more rules, more laws, even the police are snowed under and cannot cope – as with nearly all other organisations that have control of our lives.

In fact, Douglas Carswell says in his book “The Plan”, “We are trapped in a cycle. Every time something goes wrong – a scandal in a care home, the revelation that school meals lack nutritional value – ministers feel the need to ‘do something’. That something usually involves a new task force or quango, which then has a vested interest in enlarging its remit and prolonging its existence. Accordingly it spools out new guidelines and regulations and recommendations and surveys, snarling up the system in more paperwork and almost invariably worsening the situation, which of course leads for calls for yet more intervention and standardisation.”

Until we all learn to have minds of our own, and vote for our own interests and the interests of our country, rather than a particular party because either our parents and grand parents voted for them or, we have such blind hatred for the “other party” that we will vote for an equally bad party because we don’t hate them so much, this country will continue along the same lines as it has since the war. This is steadily downhill, speeding up particularly in the last decade.

Many people will read this, nod their head sagely, agreeing with me, and then at the general election will vote Tory or Labour as they have always done.

The British people always get the government they deserve, including this one!

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