Do you know how much…

Most gas (therms) and electricity (kilowatts) utility companies refuse to show you how many therms/kilowatts you use, and won’t show this on their invoices. This makes it difficult to change suppliers.

Why not put a reminder in your calendar to take a reading once a month of both gas and electricity. Although this needn’t stop you making a change of supplier before the first year, after the first year you will have the correct facts to be more accurate when you ask for quotes.

In addition, make a reading of your electricity and time when you go to bed, and then when you get up. Divide the usage by the hours you were asleep. Then multiply by 365 and you will see how much electricity your household uses when you are asleep.Is all this necessary?

If you are interested in saving money why not do the same the following night but before you take the figures, turn off everything except your fridge freezer. Deduct that figure from the previous figure and this is the amount of kilowatts your household wastes every year by not turning off everything (other than your fridge/freezer) before you go to bed. You may decide it is worth considering timed switches or the Intelliplug. The Intelliplug saves a lot of turning off switches and is worth its weight in gold! We paid £77 for three of these and now save £132 every year. We estimate the life of the plugs to be ten to fifteen years. Work it out.


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