Warning to voters

Susan Boyle, the most popular talent star in the history of the Internet, was pipped at the post by a team of street dancers who were, admittedly, good. However, the real reason she lost is a salutary lesson to everyone – especially since the EU elections imminent (June 4th).

Susan lost because so many of her fans didn’t bother to vote. They were certain it would be a push-over for her to win.

Same with politics. Millions are thinking right now that the opinion polls are suggesting Labour and the Tories are going to get a good hiding, so they will not bother to vote. Forget the opinion polls, because people read them and think it’s a “done deal”, the voters will stay at home, and both Conservative and Labour will do well. Less action will then be taken by the politicians to put their house in order, and changes like “recall” and “more transparency” will not happen.

If you want to see changes in the structure of Government, you have to go and vote, and preferably vote for any party other than the three main parties. Make no mistake, The Liberal Democrats may not have dipped in as much as the other two, but they are too close to the seat of government not to have known what was going on. They should have warned the public rather than ‘cosying’ up to Labour.

People died so you would have the right to vote. Don’t betray their memories in such a sullied fashion.


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