Margaret Thatcher

People either loved her, or hated her. I had met her on several occasions and she never came across as strident, the way the media portrayed her.

I had my own reasons for my dislike of her. She was in Heath’s cabinet when that traitor took us into what he since admitted he knew of as a political EU thus not only becoming our highest ranking traitor, but included all his cabinet who formed close ranks behind him. Then a little later, I believe it was Maastricht, she signed another treaty taking us even further in.

However, I did approve of her defeating the Unions. I am a journalist and know something that most of my readers aren’t aware of. The unions in Fleet Street had so much power that they forced the management to pay fictitious employees which the union divided up amongst their members. They were so brazen that they produced names for these fictitious workers such as M. Mouse, and D. Duck.

The other thing I approved of, was the closing down of our heavy industry. The way the Tiger economies of the Far East were growing it was apparent to those who took an interest in these matters that we could not compete on price with these countries, a fact that is very apparent now.

We have since diversified into high tech and our software programmers are the best in the world. After the Second World War, we tried to compete with the factories the Americans were so good at managing. We were not as competent but during this time the children of all our artisans and craftsmen flocked to the factories to earn “real” money so our expertise in these areas began to die out.

However, these people have been “born again” as programmers and other workers in high tech industries. America are better than us at manufacturing and selling boxed software, but when it comes to writing ”real time” software to be used in the fastest fighter jets, our programmers are excellent and some say “the best”. I have heard a rumour although cannot track it down, that the US Pentagon changed the law so they could be allowed to hire British programmers.

According to a new report from HSBC and The Future Laboratory what the UK has been known for since the industrial revolution is set to change, and fast.

Clair West writes (Fresh Thinking Business Editor) that, according to the research there will be a new-look UK with hot business hubs focusing on:

  • Robotics (Edinburgh, Birmingham, Essex, London, Manchester, Plymouth)

  • Biotech (York and Dundee)

  • Nanotech (Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle, Durham, Bristol, London)

  • Stem cell research (Edinburgh, London, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester)

  • Nutraceuticals (Dundee/Southampton)

  • Renewable energies (London, Wales, Cornwall, Glasgow)

  • Cybernetics (Reading)

  • Gaming (Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow

The Labour government has one thing right; we need more university graduates for these disciplines. Where they are going wrong is, they should be scientific graduates, and not ones taking media studies or how to wear a condom!

We should stop dumbing down educational qualifications as, unless our children are taught properly in our governmental schools, all the top jobs will continue to go to those educated by private schools.


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