Sunday results

Today sees the results of the Euro Elections. I foresee the Conservatives coming top, followed by the Liberal Democrats, and then the UK Independence Party, with Labour coming a poor fourth.

This is bad news, really bad news, if you want to see Gordon Brown out of the picture.

Be of no doubt that he will hang on. The Labour MPs who would like to see the back of him know, in their hearts, that this would mean a General Election and, if that happens now, they would lose their seats. Do not expect anything to happen from that corner.

The real reason why I consider such results as I mentioned above bad news is, in a years time, people’s anger will have subsided and the ordinary voter will consider they have given Labour a “bloody nose” and that will be that. It will be back to normal and the same dysfunctional group of morally thieving MPs will be back.

You mark my words!


  1. #1 by VotR on Sunday, 7 June 2009 - 9:47 am

    Hopefully the European election results aren't rigged, Ampers.The powers that be have had a good amount of time over the D-Day distractions to get a'fiddling. Maybe I'm just over paranoid, but I trust my instincts. We shall see, eh? If the results haven't been tampered with, Labour will be wiped out as a Power in the Eurozone, if the local elections were any hint.

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