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Can you afford private medicine and private education for you and yours? If not then, to put it bluntly, your fucked! (Excuse my French!)

Take schools, for example. You may be sending your children to one of the few excellent comprehensive schools but, unless you are in a predominantly non-immigrant area, you are fortunate.

However, if your school is in one of the many hundreds, if not thousands, of areas where there are massive immigrant populations – some London borough schools have pupils of over thirty different “first languages” then education there has to slow down to enable these pupils to catch up with their English.

This means that, by the time your children leave school they could be at the least, a year behind Public school pupils, and at the most, two years behind! Not a very comforting thought.

And what about the National Health Service. A fellow blogger – probably one of the most successful bloggers in the industry – Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) – has this to say about his experiences with “swine flu” a day or so ago…

“The government says the UK has moved from the ‘containment’ to the ‘treatment’ phase of Swine flu as the number of people catching swine flu continues to rise. The Fawkes family are in London for another fortnight, before we head for France. 4 year-old Miss Fawkes is in day two of displaying possible Swine flu symptoms: high temperatures, tummy ache, headaches and a dry cough.

“Last night a worried mother took Miss Fawkes (who had a temperature of 39.1 C / 102.3 F) to the paediatric A & E unit of a London hospital where she was given a mask and told to go instead to a walk-in unit. The walk-in unit told her there was a four hour wait and that she might as well go home and see her GP. This morning the GP’s receptionist said that they could not have a suspected case of Swine flu in the waiting room and she was to go home.

“So in the last 48 hours we have been unable either to get our daughter tested, which is causing anxiety, or obtain a prescription for anti-viral drugs. Bear in mind we have a two year-old daughter as well. We are now trying to get a private prescription…

Pasted from:

Isn’t this absolutely disgusting? A young family with a four year old suspected of having the “swine flu” with another two year old child in tow, and they get treated like this.

MPs aren’t worried of course, they can afford private medicine, and can afford private schooling. Those who, being Labour, have to send their children to comprehensive schools no doubt pay for private tuition for them!

And don’t we all know they’ll find a way of getting us, the tax payer, to fund this “expense”?


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