Education in the UK

I read with interest that the government has decided, in its wisdom, that the reason middle class and working class children are losing out in the top jobs is because of elitism!

There is one thing we can be sure of, and that is elitism has no place in this election of our members of Parliament. They cannot see that it is their disastrous attempts in education that has caused youngsters in government schools to fail through life. Parents of the very well off, and this includes many Labour MPs, send their children to private schools to ensure they get a good education.

One does not have to be very intelligent to know if schools fail in one sector then those pupils will do worse in life. Whereas, the schools that excel with their teaching ensure their pupils have the best start in life.

MPs must look closer to home for the reason why this “elitism” exists.

My solution is simple, improve standards and disciplines in government schools and you will see middle-class and working-class children getting their equal share of the top jobs.


PS I have dictated this using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and have to admit it is now making my life a lot easier! Especially since I’m about to launch a community newspaper.

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