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MP resigns in fury

I notice, in the Saturday newspapers, that Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay has resigned in fury over ministers allowing the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the United States to stand trial for hacking into their military computers.

Whether Gary really has a serious disability or not, and whether he intended only to find details of UFOs or had a more sinister intent has nothing to do with my blog today.

I was disgusted with the noise that MacKinlay is making. Resigning as an MP at the next election will not really be a problem for NuLabour as they will be having a huge weed out anyway. I would have been more impressed if MacKinlay resigned immediately causing a new by-election. After all, its only a loss of a few months pay, and he is 60! Only by leaving immediately would he have made any impact on the present leadership.

No Mister MacKinlay — I am not the least bit impressed at your rantings and ravings. They will have absolutely no effect on anybody. Did you really expect the public not to see through your half-hearted stance!



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