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Hannan on Powell

This seems to be a bit of a fuss brewing up over some remarks that Daniel Hannan made with reference to Enoch Powell. The left are ranting and raving and demanding that David Cameron withdraws the whip from Daniel Hannan.

Before I make any remarks on this let us listen, and watch, exactly what Daniel Hannan said in America.

Right, let’s put this into perspective.

On 9 February, 1998, the paragon of the left, Tony Blair, paid the following tribute to Enoch Powell after his death:

“He was one of the great figures of 20th-century British politics, gifted with a brilliant mind.”

So, if the leader of the Labour government could say this about Enoch Powell, how are they able to create such a fuss about Daniel Hannan?

I’ll tell you why: it is because Daniel Hannan has true leadership qualities and is a brilliant orator, and they are terrified at the thought of Daniel Hannan rising up through the ranks of the Conservative party.

David Cameron is espousing the thought of presidential style in elections for the leadership. He should be careful here because if Daniel Hannan chose to stand against him, there is no question in my mind who would get the most votes. And, although I could never vote for the Conservative party (or either of the other two major parties) I would have no qualms about voting for Dan Hannan.



What Daniel Hannan said in America

This is quite interesting — from the point of view that I have read what he said in several newspapers and not one of them told the truth. Now you can hear it for yourself.



Snouts and troughs

The following excellent blog was written by Paul Stains who writes under the name of Guido Fawkes. The next link is to his original article which I have reporduced word for wod below.


High Pay Attracts Wrong Type of MP

from Guy Fawkes’ blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy by Guido Fawkes

Alan Duncan has, we are told, been given a final “third strike and you are out” warning by Dave. Guido can’t see how the public can trust the Tories to be really sincere on reforming MPs’ expenses if Alan Duncan is negotiating for the Tories. His sense of self-entitlement clearly shows he is not well disposed to anything that is going to reduce his ability to pick the pockets of the taxpayers.

Tory backbenchers are lining up behind Duncan’s claim that parliament will not be able to attract candidates of the “right calibre”. Complete bullshit – this is a self-serving and fallacious argument. The army pays poorly and yet still attracts the best calibre people, well motivated and made of the right stuff. The finest priests are poor and honest.

Politics is a field that has always attracted the worst character types; the power hungry and the vain, egotistical blowhards with an an over-developed sense of self worth go into politics the world-over claiming they want to “make the world a better place”. Paying them high salaries and padding it all out with financial perks compounds the problem. It attracts people who have all the usual character flaws of politicians and thse who are also plain greedy.

Politics should be about public service, it should be an honour, not a grubby profession pursued for personal enrichment straight out of Oxbridge.

Don’t go into politics to make money. Choose a different business career if you want to be rich. Better still make some money first and go into politics after you have gained a couple of decades of real world experience. John Prescott becoming a multi-millionaire at the taxpayers’ expense when he was supposed to be a servant of the people sends out the wrong signals.

Politicians who claim that the “right calibre” people are motivated only by high financial rewards really mean they want those rewards. Guido wants politicians who are motivated not by the prospect of personal enrichment, but by the honour of being elected as public servants.

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Gmail flaw shows value of strong passwords

I read this very useful article in the free “Windows Secrets newsletter and share it here as it will help protect your data – whether you use GMail or not.

Gmail flaw shows value of strong passwords

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