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Hannan on Powell

This seems to be a bit of a fuss brewing up over some remarks that Daniel Hannan made with reference to Enoch Powell. The left are ranting and raving and demanding that David Cameron withdraws the whip from Daniel Hannan.

Before I make any remarks on this let us listen, and watch, exactly what Daniel Hannan said in America.

Right, let’s put this into perspective.

On 9 February, 1998, the paragon of the left, Tony Blair, paid the following tribute to Enoch Powell after his death:

“He was one of the great figures of 20th-century British politics, gifted with a brilliant mind.”

So, if the leader of the Labour government could say this about Enoch Powell, how are they able to create such a fuss about Daniel Hannan?

I’ll tell you why: it is because Daniel Hannan has true leadership qualities and is a brilliant orator, and they are terrified at the thought of Daniel Hannan rising up through the ranks of the Conservative party.

David Cameron is espousing the thought of presidential style in elections for the leadership. He should be careful here because if Daniel Hannan chose to stand against him, there is no question in my mind who would get the most votes. And, although I could never vote for the Conservative party (or either of the other two major parties) I would have no qualms about voting for Dan Hannan.




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