The brave NuLabour MPs

Gordon Brown is ruining UK PLC and nobody within the Labour ranks are trying to get rid of him.

I am not sure exactly what this indicates but, on the surface, I can see it is because of one of two reasons.

Reason 1: They all agree with what he is doing to our beloved country.

Reason 2: They are too frightened of him to try and get rid of him.

Conclusion: If Labour win the next election, the new PM will be someone who either agrees with everything that Gordon Brown has done, or will be a coward who did not have the gumption to get rid of him!

And regular readers know there is no way I would vote for a Conservative MP until everyone, in 1973, who voted us into the EC was dead and buried – there are still seven alive!

As people in this country are either blinkered Labour voters, blinkered Tory voters, blinkered LibDem voters or floating Labour/Conservative/LibDem voters, they will continue to get the Government they deserve. And, at 70, without children to worry about, I just laugh at all this madness from the sidelines. I shan’t be paying back trillions over the next hundred years or so.


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