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Having just blowing my own trumpet with the previous post showing all the people in different countries around the world who read my blog, I thought I would look into other interests which are developing..

As many of my readers will know, I have just started a local newspaper in Finchley (London N3). The initial group consisted of pensioners aged between 65 and 78. We shortly recruited a couple of youngsters (between 50 and 65). However, as the weeks have progressed we have recruited even younger people!

Since our first copy came out last Wednesday we have received interest from a previous editor of Personal Computer World and from a gentleman who writes applications software for Demon Internet. The video at the end of this message shows his other talents, apart from singing and playing the piano, he wrote the words.

If you would like to have a look at our first attempt, you can download it from That website will tell you a little bit more about our organisation as well. I guess I just got tired with retirement and by the time I was 70 I was itching to get my hands on something!

Our first issue doesn’t look too much like a newspaper and is very short — only six A4 pages. Because of my belief that people like to see improvement and success, this was deliberate. The next issue will have seven pages and we will increase at one page per month until we have 12 pages, when we will pause and take stock. The second issue will have the same amount of words, but it will start to look more like a newspaper, and I will introduce more white-space into the publication.

Our objective is to turn the dormitory town we live in (most people travel from Finchley into the centre of London both for work and for pleasure) into a more friendly and caring community. Even our classified advertising is geared to enable people to meet people without having the stigma of seeming to be an introduction service!

Well, that’s enough for now, as I’m sure you are dying to listen to Gary! It is a geek song, played by a geek, to an audience full of geeks! The amazing thing is that it has had over half a million hits to date! But, I have to admit – I like it!


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