Why people like Helen Rimmer are idiots

Tesco have come up with a way of helping people save on perishable goods. It is not a be all and end all of green but it is just one contribution. What it is is not really part of this blog.

However, Helen Rimmer, food campaigner with Friends of the Earth, said it was “staggeringly hypocritical” for companies like Tesco to claim the high ground on environmental issues. She said that if Tesco really wanted to help the planet it will take more than replacing ‘bogofs’ with ‘bogofls’.

I know what she is getting at, but I think it is an unproductive way of going about achieving her aims.

The difference between Helen and myself? If I had her job, I would say, “That is a good idea, and is a start, what else have Tesco got in mind to really make a difference?”

It is all a matter of terminology and approach. Helen’s approach will never really achieve anything, other than annoy the very people who might be able to make a difference. Helen is surely related to a character in Red Dwarf!


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