Do you use Linux?

A lot of people do. I have the new Amazon Kindle, and that runs on Linux, I also have an HTC Hero phone – and that runs Linux as well,

Look down the list below my sign-off and see if you do.

My point here is, Linux may not be in the main stream with home users, but manufacturers are quickly beginning to see how well-behaved the product can be.

A quick rule of thumb for changing over to Linux from Windows on your PC is as follows.

If you only use your PC for writing letters, email, and Googling, and you don’t need to interact with “state of the art” gadgets, then changing over to Linux is a doddle. Your operating system and software is not only free, but there around 18,000 free programs out there which you might like to play with in the future.

Heavy gadget users where you need to interact with your computer, heavy games players and those who use complex programsm such as Adobe’s Creative Suite should not move over until they can find out whether there is Linux software which will do the trick.

Linux can also bring to life older computers which have trouble running on Windows.

Linux is getting better every year and if it is not for you today, it could be in the future.

The simplest and easiest Linux to use is Ubuntu.


Linux machines:


Aleutia · Eee Box · fit-PC · Lemote · Linutop · ThinCan · WE Appliance · Zonbu


Aspire One · Averatec Buddy · Classmate PC · CloudBook · ECS G10IL · Eee PC · Elonex ONE/ONEt · Gigabyte M912 · HP Mini 1000/2133 · Inspiron Mini · MSI Wind · Nanobook · Noahpad · OLPC · One A110 · OpenBook · Skytone Alpha-400 · Tianhua GX-1C


Actiontec MI424WR · Asus Routers · BT Home Hub · Buffalo AirStation · Junxion Box · Linksys WRT54G series · Netgear FVS336G · Picotux · Killer NIC


Buffalo LinkStation / TeraStation · Linksys NSLU2 · Synology · WD My Book


Chumby · CrunchPad · Gumstix · Palm Foleo · Beagle Board · SheevaPlug
XO Motherboard.png



DBox2 · Dreambox · Hauppauge MediaMVP · Neuros OSD · TiVo · Wizpy


Amazon Kindle · Archos PMA400 · ILiad · Nokia 770 / N800 / N810 · N900 · Pepper Pad · Zaurus · Sony Reader · Zipit


HTC Dream · HTC Magic · HTC Hero · HTC Tattoo · Motorola ROKR Z6 / RAZR2 V8 · Neo 1973 / FreeRunner · Nokia N900 · Palm Pre · Samsung I7500


GP2X (Wiz) · mylo · Pandora · Dingoo

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