In 1973, a group of traitors to the English people sat in a smoked filled cabinet room in 10 Downing Street and agreed to take Britain into the “Common Market”. They despatched Edward Heath off to the EU to persuade the EU mandarins to let Britain join. MacMillan told Heath not to come back until we were in, and he could give anything away as we had to join at any cost. In the end, the deal was to give away our agriculture and our fish. Many years later, on a TV program, an interviewer asked Heath if they knew it was going to turn into a political union. I was amazed at both his reply, and his language in making the reply. His exact words were “Of course we bloody did!”
You may think this is a funny hook into an article about why the “left” hate Margaret Thatcher so much, but it is there to show that I hated Thatcher as much as the rest of them for being responsible for giving our children’s heritage away to foreigners so that they may rule our country. You all know, dear readers, how much I detest the EU politicians!
So, now we are here; why do the “left” hate this woman so much? It cannot be because she took us into Europe, most of the left, apart from Militant who seem now to be dead and buried, love us being ruled from Brussels. So what is the reason?
I think it is because she was successful in turning Britain around from being the sick man of Europe, to being a country ordinary Englishmen could be proud of. She gave us back our dignity and pride. And put right of centre politics back on the map. She also made life a little bit more difficult for malingerers who suddenly found they had to pay their way in society.
Even the poll tax was fair if compared with the “Council Tax”. At present, people who had wealth, and who have tried to better themselves pay a high local tax so that squanderers and layabouts don’t have to. The only difference between Poll Tax and Council Tax is that, instead of people who have bettered themselves, paying for the local council, everyone would pay, but much less, each, for the same objective.
And Thatcher’s war was to reclaim our dependency back from an invading army. How much more noble in the eyes of the English citizen would you say that was, in relation to Blair’s dishonest Iraqi war? I am sure he never forgave her for that!
Thatcher’s problem in the end, boils down to everyone’s problem who is successful in this country. They are, at first built up, then they are put on a pedestal, then they are knocked off it. It happens all the time. It is both an English tradition and an English malady.
But to return to my main theme, there are groups of people within the left – let’s call them Marxists for the want of a better name, who are never satisfied until they are pulling the English Anglo-Saxon down and stamping all over them. They hate us with a fierceness that is so hard to understand. For a time, Thatcher reversed this, and put their movement and ideals back many years. It is no wonder they hate her with so much vitriol.
Margaret Thatcher was not only the last decent Conservative we had, but the last decent and strong politician we had.
David Cameron is not a Thatcher, he is weak and twists and turns saying anything which he hopes will appeal to the voter. What’s the point in voting for him? He will not help England.
No, the wisest amongst us will see there will not be any chance of putting matters right after the next election and the country will be much better off if we voted for the minority parties and hope for a hung government where the leaders will have to do deals to get any minority or independent MPs to side with them.
But the great unwashed will vote Labour, and the middle classes will vote for “Call me Dave” Cameron. And Britain will, once again, get the government they deserve.
I sometimes think Robert Magabe could do better!
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