Who reads this blog?

First of all, an apology, I normally do this on the 1st of the year but because of major computer problems – I have lost seven years of accumulated data – it has well and truly slipped my mind
According to “Google Analytics”, people from the following countries read my blog.
United Kingdom, United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Russia, India, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Taiwan, Norway, Mexico, China, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Portugal, Malaysia, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Romania, Argentina, Czech Republic, (not set), Slovenia, Estonia, Indonesia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Latvia, Serbia, South Korea, Peru, Thailand, Jordan, Costa Rica, Kenya, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Chile, Senegal, Mongolia, Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Guatemala, Gibraltar, Slovakia, Bolivia, Croatia, Uganda, Colombia, Cambodia, Montenegro, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Lithuania, Algeria, Bahamas, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Cayman Islands, Lebanon, Armenia, Guadeloupe, Palestinian Territories, Moldova, Georgia, Albania and the Northern Mariana Islands.
A very big thank you to one and all.
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