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Member for Monmouth

The following has been lifted unashamedly from David Davis’s blog and I would like my readers ro dwell on the penultimate paragraph…


MONMOUTH MP David Davies has reacted with surprise to news that a community worker from Bristol has become Britain’s first black High Sheriff.

Peaches Golding will take the ceremonial office of Bristol’s High Sheriff in March 2010. It has been widely reported that Mrs Golding is the first person of African descent to take up the post, which was created 1,000 years ago. However, Mr Davies was quick to point out that this honour belongs to a former Sheriff of Monmouthshire.

“Anyone who has any interest in these matters will know that Nathaniel Wells became Britain’s first black sheriff when he was appointed Sheriff of Monmouthshire and Deputy Lieutenant of the county in 1818,” said Mr Davies.

“Mr Wells also served as a magistrate and moved easily in high society around the county, suggesting that in spite of the current obsession with ‘diversity’, Britain has always extended a welcome to talented people with something to contribute.

“I will be writing to Mrs Golding to congratulate her on her new role, but will politely point out that Monmouthshire was actually 190 years ahead of Bristol in appointing a black High Sheriff. “One would hope that historical accuracy is not going to be scarified on the alter of political correctness in order to allow someone to gain a headline”.

Don’t the authorities realise the English psyche? The more they allow immigrants in willy-nilly, the more violent racism will rise? And it is not anger that is directed at minority groups, it is frustration. Not frustration with those groups but frustration of what the government are doing to our country.

I have no anger for the immigrants, even those who beg or steal. They have come here because it has been easy for them to get in. How can you blame them for trying and succeeding. The fault lies not in the hapless person who has paid gangsters thousands of pounds to get them in, but with the government who has intentionally made it possible for them to flock over here.

The Government doesn’t care that there are no jobs for them, they don’t want them to have jobs. They want them dependent of the State so they will vote for them, election after election for fear that an alternative Government will force them to work for a living.

Don’t blame the immigrants, wait for May 6th and then blame the Government.

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