The last post

Well, I am sure you’ll be relieved to find out that nobody has died although it wouldn’t go amiss if a few politicians of all hues popped their clogs!

No, it is because I am moving From Blogger to WordPress.

I have opened up an account on WordPress called ampers. and the site is, as I type, automatically moving all my blogs across from Blogger to WordPress. This should be done within a few hours so here is what you can do.

  1. Change the address you have for my blog from to

  2. Then, if you usually get notified about my blogs when they are published, by using Google Reader or another RSS feed, click on any of my posts and, when the page opens up, look for the orange RSS feed icon on the right, and click on it.

What could be simpler? I shall keep this blog up, with this last post in view for a month or so, to give readers a chance of making the change.

The reason for the move is that Google are taking too long to do various things.

For example, I have an Apps for my Android cellphone that allows me a really easy way to post to my blog. It is also possible to have the blog appear on a page on my website so visitors to my website can see it there, but it will still be OK to go direct, as you do at the moment with Blogspot.

There are a number of other advantages but I can already see your eyes glazing. 🙂


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