Welcome to WordPress

I have a lot to learn and although my earlier posts have been ported over, the links are in a bit of a mess, there are no categories and a few other points are a little disappointing.

But, Hey! I only had to click a couple of buttons and most of it was done for me, so I am not complaining. I will keep my site on Blogger though so if you find an old article here and the links don’t work, you can always pop over there for the original. In addition, it will take a couple of months for the browser engines to find everything on here.

I want to include a video here – just to see how it works., you may find it boring as it is in Afrikaans, but I thought the singer manages to show a typical Boer attitude. Tough, uncompromising with a gentle side.

OK, that just about wraps up the first test post. I will be exploring everything else this site has to offer over the coming week. But before I go, and just in case you are interested… The song was sung by Ray Dylan – and is called: “Hier Binne Klop ‘n Boerehart”. This is a little difficult to translate but roughly means here beats [a heart] within a Boer.

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