BBC and it’s attitude to South Africa

I have just watched Panorama and the first thing I notice was the commentator speaking with their “special voice of doom” they reserve when they talk about South Africa.

When the government was handed over to Mandela in 1994 I had the feeling that the BBC were beside themselves with fury that the blacks didn’t rise and kill all the whites. But it really does show just how unintelligent the BBC’s executives really are.

We, who grew up in South Africa, were not surprised at the orderly transition, and neither are we surprised at the violence in the country at the moment.

It hasn’t developed out of frustration as the average black South African is far more intelligent than the average Brit. I am talking averages here remember. They didn’t expect a sudden change as they were intelligent enough to (a) know that it would take decades and (b) knew that there would be corruption in their government and that they would have to live with it.

The drugs came into South Africa when the whites handed over control, and came mainly from Nigeria. The Drug Lords there knew there would be a vacuum where “law and order” was concerned and moved to Johannesburg to take full advantage of the lack of law. They did move to the Cape afterwards but were recognised as the Coloureds in the Cape had a much lighter skin and they were often caught. They had to review this and recruited Coloureds to act for them and now the drugs have spread to the Cape.

Another thing the BBC don’t understand about the blacks is that a black will tell you what he thinks you want to hear. I once saw a BBC journalist almost cry when a black told him that the wished the whites were back in government. Well, I can tell that BBC journalist not to worry, the black was only telling you what he thought you wanted to hear. You have to get to know a black extremely well, be invited to eat with his family, and they with yours, before he will open up and tell you what is really in his heart.

The BBC will continue to paint an awful future for South Africa when they should be encouraging them to do better. The basic difference between this poor pensioner and the BBC high rollers is that I send money that I can ill afford to a charity in Johannesburg regularly to help the blacks, the high rollers don’t send a penny to help them. Do I know this? Of course I do, it’s called a basic instinct!



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