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Funniest video spoof I’ve seen!

This Video came from “Grumpy Old Twats” blog, he’s a wizard at changing things. It’s well worth watching until the alterations.


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I was wrong about Michael Foot

He couldn’t have been as bad as I thought.

Foot wrote to Enoch Powell, after a speech in 1976, saying:

What a theme, and what a speech, and what a speaker, and how Oliver Cromwell himself would have been thrilled to hear the parliamentary cause elevated to its rightful pre-eminence… Writing as an impenitent Leveller who still begs to differ with you (and Oliver Cromwell) in so many matters, I still cannot withhold my wonder and excitement at what I heard there today.

Mr Foot also described Powell’s failure to become leader of the Conservative party as “a tragedy for Enoch, and a tragedy for the rest of us too”.


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