Shall I or shan’t I… vote?

“No, they are all as bad as each other, I’ll not bother!”

Well, dear reader, you are right in your first assumption but, as to your second, I have a better way.

But, first of all, highlight the next paragraph as we will return to it later:

If 1.8 million voters vote and the winning party receive 1,000,000 of the votes cast, it can claim it has a mandate for running the country.

Now, supposing you, dear reader, decide to go and vote for an independent or one of the minor parties, together with eight million other non-voters. What would be the benefits?

  • 1. Getting 10 times the number of votes than expected, even though they don’t get an MP elected would give the somewhat jaded enthusiasts a new lease of life to try harder next time
  • 2. Might get some parties one or two MPs, or three at the most. This could give them a little clout if there is a hung parliament.
  • 3. Make a real difference to the party claiming a moral mandate.
  • Let me explain the third point. Refer back to the paragraph I asked you to highlight and bear it in mind when you read the following.

    If a party wins the election with a total of one million votes, and ten million votes were cast, there is no way that party can claim a moral victory. Signals will be sent to the electorate that there is something very wrong if a party can run our lives with only 10% of the total votes cast.

    So I implore you, rather than stay away, come along and protect your right to vote before the powers that be decided to take this right away from you.


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