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Pensioners to show ID for bus travel

Pensioners could be forced to carry identity cards to qualify for free bus travel, a Government minister has said.

Published: 7:00AM GMT 18 Mar 2010

Campaigners last night attacked the plans, with some suggesting that it could stop retired people who are opposed to the controversial scheme from using buses altogether.

The Home Office estimates that more than 17 million cards will be in circulation by 2017 – although the Tories have pledged to scrap them if they win the general election.

Full story here.

This government is determined that, by hook or by crook, they will force us all to have identity cards.

The real purpose of these electr0nic, biometric identity cards is so they can have an “audit trail” of everything any citizen does, and everywhere they go to, at the exact times of travel, stored on their huge mainframe computers so that, at any time, day or night, they can check up on where you may be or have been.

With Councils paying members of the community of spying on each other; with the labour government having introduced 4,300 new laws since 1997 (that’s an average of one a day); with the government creating a huge amount of non-jobs, and turning a blind eye (although they say otherwise) to people on benefits, they create permanent voters for their party. The Labour Party know they can’t openly turn Britain into a dictatorship, but they can stack the odds up in their favour. And I haven’t even mentioned how they fiddle with postal votes.

I, for one, will not be surprised if Gordon Brown wins the election and has another term to fuck up the Anglo-Saxon even further. How the left hate us.



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