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Which argument is right?

I hear many arguments for pulling out of Europe. Which one is right for you?

Is it the fact that we have given away our sovereignty to a political body where the majority of the centre hate the Anglo-Saxon with a passion?

Admittedly it is not so bad with Eastern Europe coming in from the point that many of their politicians do like the English. However, from another point, these countries are not bringing in funds but draining funds.

Is it because, out of twenty-seven countries, Britain are one of the three major contributors handing out funds, decided by other countries representatives, to the 24 other countries?

Or is it that the billions we hand out could be used to build more hospitals, build more schools, kit out our soldiers with the right gear?

Maybe you would be pleased to learn that the tax burden on our shoulders could be reduced?

Which one works for you?

C’mon “Call me Dave” – get us out of the political European Union.


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Is Blogging a waste of time?

According to “Working Class Tory”, his latest blog gives a resounding No!

Here is the extract:

This is for two reasons. The first is that blogs regularly influence the mainstream news stories. The second is that blogs are essential for balancing the liberal bias in the media. James Delingpole:

What I always find equally heartening is when you look up an article online by, say, Polly Toynbee or some crack-papering fraudster from the Met Office and find its inconsistencies and idiocies being torn to shreds by a readership far more intelligent and on the ball than almost anyone in the liberal commentariat.

And this, I think, is the crux of the matter. The main reason so many left-liberals so loathe and fear the internet is that it is a medium that favours the libertarian right. It completely bypasses all those institutions that Gramscian Marxists fought so hard to capture: broadcasters like the BBC, the liberal-dominated print media, the seats of learning. It allows real people to say what’s really on their mind, unfettered by politically correct pieties. It is part of the same grassroots phenomenon that has seen the Tea Party movement flourish in the US and it expresses a wave of public revulsion at the dishonesty and cant of our political leaders, as well as a yearning cry for liberty in the face of growing dominance by the state.

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