Lies, damned lies and more lies

Just been listening to politicians on the BBC nattering away lying through their whatever.

I am probably a little more political aware than many, but do people really believe that thieves (expenses scandal) can be trusted to tell the truth?

And who on earth thought that putting a tax on jobs would help kickstart the economy. Admittedly I know that both the American left (Democrats) and the American right (Republicans) are both in total agreement that in tough times you lower the tax rate, you don’t increase taxes. but surely it doesn’t take much of an intellect to realise that this is true?

And America have already proven, more than once, that lower taxes produce a higher yeald as business do better. Surely this is also common sense as well? Not to mention more jobs equate to less money in social security!

Or am I really the brightest apple in the barrel? I can’t believe it is only me (and the whole American race of course).




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