The sins of the Fathers

Here is an intriguing post by “Working Class Tory” on Nick Clegg’s upbringing.

Nick Clegg’s privileged background

The media seems to wish we lived in a three party state. As such, the leaders of the three parties must come under the same level of scrutiny – whether this scrutiny is rational or not.

An irrational factor that David Cameron has been bashed with is his privileged background and education.

Nick Clegg deserves equal irrational hatred based on his background. He went to the Westminster School – with yearly fees of nearly £30,000, he ponced around in three universities (while David Cameron had managed to find a job after only one degree), and he comes from a family of very rich and aristocratic international bankers. Apparently Louis Theroux was his “fag” at school.

For the whole post, go to the website.



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